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The Gathering Goddess Collection

miranda quarry collection

about Miranda

In December 2015, The Gathering Goddess was asked to take on the exciting and unique collection of Miranda Macmillan (née Quarry), the Countess of Stockton. An English socialite, Miranda was married to British actor Peter Sellers from 1970-72. During their brief marriage, Miranda began to build her extensive collection of garments, purchasing from historic Parisian couture houses such as Dior, Givenchy, and Yves Saint Laurent as well as from the innovative British designers of the moment including Zandra Rhodes, Bill Gibb, and Ossie Clark. Described by Harpers and Queen magazine in 1985 as ‘a rare breed, a creator, rather than a follower of fashion,’ Miranda had a keen eye for detail and, as a result, many of the items in the collection are one-of-a-kind custom made pieces or rare examples of a designers’ work.
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The Last Grand Couturier

The Pantheon

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